PUBG Pc 15.2 Update Patch Notes Free to Play Tactical Gear, Improvement:

The new update is available from PUBG that is PUBG Pc 15.2 patch notes. In the new update, you get Tactical gear, free-to-play, and other new improvements. The new game update is for the training purpose to use the new weapons in PUBG.

The new update provides the opportunity to meet the new opponents and make the matches faster in the game. After the account, you will receive a free-to-play service at the PUBG Battleground. Then automatically you will win the Commerative pack which is a special one. Following is the whole information regarding the new update of PUBG 15.2.

Free to Play Services for PUBG Pc 15.2

The new update that is Free to play is providing the for free. They said that the charges will be only taken for the in-game items. Except for the items, there will be no charges applied. And the access to the game is actually for free to play.

The new update also gives free matchmaking that is with the fast process and the opportunity to meet the new and more opponents in the Battleground of PUBG 15.2. The testing on the game is still going on. It is done on the PC, PlayStations, and consoles.

The New Updates- Free to Play and Tactical Gear

Following is the information regarding the new update that is Free to play and Tactical Gear in PUBG 15.2 patch notes;

The Tactical Gear Update

To increase the creativity in long-term strategies in PUBG update Tactical Gear, the game is thinking to launch a primary weapon slot. The tactical items with the new update with pure gunplay give the players options for improving the performance of playing the game.

One of the Tactical gear is a Drone that scouts at a far distance and can also pick the items without any risk. The drone is available on every map and every match and customer game. The drone will help to loot the items and again come back into the hands of the player. 

The Free to Play Update

Yes, it is true that PUBG 15.2 the new update is announcing the game to be played free. That is the gamers can play the game for free at no charges or no cost. They say that the charges will be only applied for the items that are available in the game. It is said that the game is totally free for the player. With the free game, it is also said that the matchmaking will be faster than before and players will be able to discover more opponents in the new update.

New Update Under Tactical Gear

Following is the specification of the Tactical Gear items;

Tactical Gear: Drone

The Drone is the new weapon in the Tactical Gear. The drone helps the player to scout or travel far distances without any risk. It also picks up the items or collects the items. It is available in every map, customer game, training mode, normal match, etc. The drone will fly into the air and will be easily identifiable because of its icon which will be unique to the map.

When the player will recall the drone in flight it will return to the player back. When the drone is recalled it cannot avoid the obstacles and cannot pass through any solid obstacle. The operation radius of the drone has 300m when the player is flying it. The drone should be aware of the damage from Fire, Gunfire, Explosions, Vehicle Collision, Water, Flying outside of the operating radius. 

Tactical Gear: EMT Gear

The EMT Gear is another update in the Tactical Gear. This Gear allows the player to increase the healing opt potential for themselves and their team with reduced flexibility. The EMT Gear will be available on every map of the game. It will also appear in Custom matches, Training mode, and sandbox mode. It will require less than 4 seconds to heal with the bandages, first aid kits, and medkits. After using the healing items the player can walk faster than the normal one. 

The player can give his own’s healing kit to the teammate also. The number of healing items available will also be available on the screen. The EMT Gear will not grant permission to boost when used in the blue zone where there is shortened revival time. The healing toggle will be available at the bottom where a weapon’s fire mode is normally displayed.

Tutorials Available to Learn New Updates of PUBG 15.2

Before entering into the new update the game will arrange one tutorial for the players. The tutorials will create a richer gameplay experience. The tutorials are not only for the new players but also for the players those who are into the game. In tutorials the step-by-step process mode adding is available. And this tutorial will also bring the old players back into the game or the Rusty battle before entering into the new update and new weapons. Following are the tutorials conducted.

PUBG 15.2 Updates

Tutorial no. 1- The Basic Training Mode

In the first tutorial the players will have to go through the five stages that are;

Basic character movement, Looting and shooting guns, then looting and throwing throwables, using healing items, and the final stage is Reviving knocked down teammates. The new or the old players should complete these stages and then proceed to the next tutorial. 

Tutorial No. 2 – AI Training Match

In this tutorial, the players have to face 99 bots to grasp the flow of what an actual normal match be like. It consists of Map: Eagle, then only supports TPP. The player can finish the tutorial by completing every mission. The player can play up to 10matches on a single account. After the tutorial player has to through the lobby tutorial missions, then through the training mode, training helper, etc.

The Practice Range in PUBG 15.2 Patch Note Update

After finishing the above training and tutorials the players are able to aim and shoot. But for free practicing of the shooting and aiming they will need a free place. So for that, a private indoor target practice area has been built for training mode. The players can enter into it and play their own training domain. This is about the PUBG Pc 15.2 Update Patch Notes: Free to Play, Tactical Gear, Improvement.

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