PUBG Mobile KR 1.8 APK+OBB Download for Android & IOS

The word PUBG Moobile KR 1.8 Apk itself suggests that it is the Korean version of the world-famous battle royale game named PUBG. The PUBG mobile KR version is specially developed for Korean and Japanese countries. The server for this battle royale game is separate, and also you will enjoy it a lot by installing the game.

The game can be played on both Android as well as Ios System. So be ready to know the process to download the PUBG mobile KR version. The process will be quite complicated as the PUBG mobile KR version is not available on the play store. Let’s start with the process.

How to Download PUBG Mobile KR 1.8 APK+OBB Version on Android?

The PUBG Mobile Kr 1.8 APK is an update in PUBG mobile. It is available on the Taptap application. It is a Chinese application, and the application is available on the official website of tap tap. You can get many amazing features while downloading the PUBG game from this application. The process is divided into various small steps.

OBB Version on Android

Step1: Installing the Taptap Application

The tap-tap application is not available on the play store. So you have to download it using any web browser available on your android smartphone.

  • Open your android smartphone and then navigate to your smartphone’s web browser.
  • In the search bar, search for the website name Taptap.
  • It is the official website of Taptap APK.
  • Then open the link opening first.
  • Now you have to look for the Android button.
  • Click on the android button to start the download of the APK.
  • Permit to download and then wait until it downloads.
  • After the download, tap on the downloaded APK.
  • Then click on the install button.
  • Wait for the installation and then open the application.
  • Now make the application ready to install the PUBG Mobile KR version.

Step 2: Installing the PUBG Mobile KR 1.8 Version

The PUBG Mobile KR version APK is around 738MB in size. You will require a stable network connection, and you can also pause the download and continue later. So let’s start the download and installation.

  • Open the Taptap application on your android smartphone.
  • Then search for the PUBG Mobile KR version on it.
  • Now the application will appear on your APK screen.
  • Click on the download button and then wait for the download to occur.
  • Then open the application and then press the install button.
  • Also, open the Pubg application after the installation.
  • Play it on your mobile with your friends.

Tip: To download the PUBG Mobile KR version quickly, you have to keep the Taptaap application ‘On’ and not keep it in the background, and it will boost your download of the application.

How to Download PUBG Mobile KR 1.8 APK+OBB version on IOS?

The process to download the PUBG Mobile KR 1.8 APK on the ios system is simpler than the android installation. So the process is as follows;

PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile

  • Open your ios smartphone.
  • Then open the apple store on your device.
  • Click on your profile icon present at the upper right corner of your mobile screen.
  • Then click on your Id.
  • Now below your Id number, you will see the country tab.
  • Click on it and select the country as ‘Korea, Republic of’.
  • Then click on the Agree button and click on the Agree button again.
  • Now the payment method tab will appear.
  • Select ‘None’ in the options available.
  • Now you will have to enter some general details such as Korea’s address and postal code.
  • After this, click on apply, and then your app store will refresh.
  • The apply notification will appear, showing you the location of Korea.
  • Search for the PUBG application in the search bar of the app store.
  • Then press the Get button.
  • Enter your app store password and then let the game download and install.
  • Enjoy the game by playing it.

How Can I Install the PUBG Mobile KR on My Smartphone Using Other Phones?

If the PUBG Mobile KR version is available on your friend’s mobile phone and wants to install it on your phone, then you can do it easily. Following the procedure given below will lead you to install your game.

  • You have to share some files from the first smartphone to the second.
  • The files include the APK file of the PUBG Mobile and the OBB file.
  • You will get the OBB file in the android folder of your File Manager.
  • Share these files using any sharing application to your android smartphone.
  • Then go to the received folder of your file manager.
  • Then copy the OBB file and paste it into your android/OBB folder of your file manager.
  • Now open the APK file and click on the install.
  • After the installation opens the game.
  • You will need to update some files to start playing the game.
  • The Update will appear as soon as you open the game.


1. Is There Any Harm to My Mobile by Downloading The PUBG Mobile KR 1.8 Version?

Ans: There is no harm to your system from the PUBG Mobile KR 1.8 version. It is a legit file, and due to the location problem, we have followed the process to download the game. So it will not harm your android or ios system.

2. How Can I Play The PUBG Mobile KR 1.8 Version on My Pc?

Ans: Yes, you can play the PUBG Mobile KR 1.8 version on your Pc. For playing it on the Pc, you will need to download the steam application, and after it, you have to install the emulator. Then in the emulator, you have to install the game. In this way, you will play the game on your Pc.

3. Can I Purchase Any Pass Skin in The PUBG Mobile KR Version Game?

Ans: Yes, you will be able to purchase the in-game inventory as well as the season pass. You will need to make the payment using your card with the other payment interface. So getting the in-game currency will help you out purchasing the in-game skins and a season pass.

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