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Identifying the fraud game on Roblox is the horror game by the motherboard team issued on Roblox. Without an account on Roblox, one cannot enter into the game. So the process to create an account on Roblox is given below. Again, the three Maze 1, Maze 2, and Maze 3 stages are explained below. Then the process to find the fraud is also given below. Then how to play the identify fraud game if given step by step. Using those steps, one can play or start the game. Follow the steps to know about Identify fraud game on Roblox;

Identity Fraud Game on Roblox

What are the objectives or final result of the Fraud game on Roblox? The main objectives are to find the final boss to defeat by saving the mazes. Identify fraud game on Roblox is a famous and popular horror game. The team of Motherboard created the game for Roblox. In the identify fraud fame on Roblox maximum of 10 players can play at a time. Even if the player wants to create or generate their lobbies, they can create them and play with their friends. The game is available on Roblox, with more than 200,000 upvotes on its pages. In this way, the game is played and popular all over the world.

How to Create an Account to Identify Fraud Games on Roblox?

Create an Account to Identify Fraud Games on Roblox?

Before moving further and starting playing the game, the player has to create an account on Roblox. Following are the process to create an account on Identify fraud game on Roblox;

To create an account on Roblox, open a browser that you want. Using that browser, visit the website of Roblox that is Now you will directly reach on the create an account page. To create an account, you have to Enter your Birthdate, then your username (Username should not be your real name), enter the password, select your gender. And then, read the terms and conditions and click on the Sign-up option below. Here your account creating process on Roblox is successful, and you are ready to play the game on Roblox.

How to Play the Game Identify Fraud Game on Roblox?

You have created an account on Roblox, so you are ready to play the game. So following are some steps that you need to follow after creating an account to play the Identify fraud game on Roblox. Follow the steps below;

  • The player should go to the Roblox homepage and log in with the account on Roblox.
  • Then the player must navigate or locate the identity theft page or fraud page on Roblox.
  • After that, the player needs to click on the Play option, green in colour.
  • Then the player will receive a pop-up tab saying that the installation of Roblox on their device is all set.
  • After the successful installation, the game will automatically launch.
  • Then players need to select the team and get the views on their account.
  • Now the player is ready to play the game, escape from the maze, and find the boss to defeat him.
  • In this way, one can play an Identify fraud game on Roblox.

Identify Fraud Game – Maze

The Maze 1 is the first stage of the game;

Maze 1- Mirror Technique Walkthrough:

In this technique, you have to pass from the mirrors. Move further from the maze. Walk according to the given arrows. Then you will reach the cage where the boss is trapped and waiting for you. There you have to press the red button to open the door. That’s it, and you have successfully cleared the first maze.

Maze 2- Walkthrough;

It is the second stage or second phase of the game. Same as first, you need to walk through the maze given by the arrow on the ground. Same as the first maze, you have to reach the end and open the door by pressing the square button on the wall. 

Maze 3- Walkthrough;

It is the final stage after which you have to fight with the boss. Same as the first and second maze, you have to walk through maze 3. Walkthrough the given arrow on the floor. You will find some ghosts in between. You have to stay away from the ghosts and run away from them. Then you will reach the boss battle at the last of the game.

How to Escape from Identifying Fraud Game?

The game identifies fraud as a horror game where you have to pass through or walk through a maze. There are so many monsters inside the game or maze, and you have to pass the maze carefully. The map of the maze is very complicated. In the first maze, the mirror is the landmark to find the way. If you get lost, then you can easily find the way with the help of the mirror. 

To Morse the Code in Identify Fraud Game

Morse the Code in Identify Fraud Game

What is a morse code, and how to morse it? The more code is, the beep you emit from the radio while traveling or walking through. To decode the code to open the door, you have to enter the code prepared in the game’s chat. After decoding the code, the doors will open. Everyone in the game has to decode the morse code, and then only the beep will stop. In this way, you can morse the code in identify fraud game on Roblox.

How to Beat Identify Fraud Maze 3?

Follow the process below to beat identify fraud third phase that is Maze 3;

  • The main trick is to hug the correct wall.
  • Or you have to always turn towards the right side.
  • Then you will reach the eighteenth turn; you need to turn to the left.
  • You will hear a beep emitting the morse code to the left side.
  • Then to solve the code, you have to take a paper with morse code or translate it to solve the code.
  • But it is hard to find the way or pass through the map.
  • And it is also difficult to solve the morse code.
  • In this way, you can beat the third maze in Identify the Fraud Game on Roblox.

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