How to Make a Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft 2022?

Minecraft is the most famous open-world game. The game is related to survival, fighting, and building an empire. So regarding the fighting part of the Minecraft game, weapons are the most important materials that one needs. Creating any weapon is an immensely grateful and challenging experience of a player’s life in the game. So we have provided a solution for the question, how to make a Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft 2022? Making a diamond pickaxe is a very crucial procedure. Diamond is the strongest material in Minecraft as well as in our world. 

Making a diamond pickaxe and using it on your opponents gives you a 5+ point damage to the opponent. For the preparation of the diamond pickaxe, you will need diamonds and sticks. The diamonds act ahead of the Pickaxe, and the sticks act as the Pickaxe handle. Here you will be able to prepare the Pickaxe in the crafting table.

Components Required for Preparation of the Pickaxe:

Following are the components required to prepare the diamond pickaxe;

  • Diamonds: Diamonds are required in the quantity of 3. These diamonds are placed at the top of the crafting table. These diamonds will act as the head of the Pickaxe and will help you give more damage to your opponents.
  • Sticks. Sticks are required in the quantity of 2. They are placed vertically in the middle of the row of the crafting table. These sticks will act as a handle to your Pickaxe and will help you support the Pickaxe.

Shortcut Process to Make a Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft 2022?

Make a Diamond Pickaxe

Following is the procedure that will explain to you and help you make the diamond pickaxe in Minecraft 2022. This procedure is explained, considering that you have enough diamonds and sticks.

  • Open the Minecraft game on your Pc.
  • Now, first of all, before proceeding to make the diamond pickaxe make sure that you have three diamonds and two sticks.
  • Then go to the crafting box.
  • In the crafting box, you will get nine boxes. i.e., three rows as well as three columns.
  • Now pick the diamonds from your inventory and add the diamonds to the first row of the crafting box.
  • Similarly, add up the other two diamonds in the same row.
  • Now Take the sticks.
  • Add the sticks in the middle column just below the middle diamond.
  • Then add up the next stick below the first stick.
  • The arrangement must look like a pickaxe.
  • Then you have to click on the create or press the enter button.
  • Your diamond pickaxe will be ready.
  • In this way, you have prepared the diamond pickaxe in Minecraft 2022.

But if you do not have the diamonds and want to make the diamonds first, you need a stone pickaxe, and to get the stones, you need to have a wooden pickaxe. So let’s see this detailed procedure.

How to Make a Diamond Pickaxe Without Having Diamonds?

Diamond Pickaxe Without Having Diamonds

Wood is available in the tree, and it’s quite easy to make a stick. But diamonds need mining, and the stone pickaxe can only mine the diamonds. And for the stone pickaxe, you need to mine the stones with the help of the wooden Pickaxe. So first we’ll prepare the wooden Pickaxe.

How to Make a Wooden Pickaxe?

  • Firstly, you will need to prepare the crafting table.
  • The crafting table is prepared by adding four wooden blocks in the crafting table.
  • Now place the crafting box in front of you.
  • Then prepare the sticks on your crafting table by adding two blocks to the crafting table.
  • Now add three wooden blocks in the first row and two sticks in the second column, right below the middle wooden block.
  • Then press enters, and your wooden Pickaxe is ready.
  • Take this wooden Pickaxe to mine for stone.

How to Prepare the Stone Pickaxe?

In the stone pickaxe, the stone acts as a head and sticks as the Pickaxe handle. You will require the Pickaxe for the mining of stones, and also, you will need to make the furnace to make the iron pickaxe.

  • Collect at least three stones by mining with the wooden Pickaxe.
  • Then go to the crafting table and add three stones in the first row.
  • Subsequently, add the sticks below the middle stone.
  • You have to add two sticks to the blocks.
  • Then press enters, and your stone pickaxe is ready.
  • Take this Pickaxe and mine for the diamonds.
  • But before

How to Prepare the Furnace to Make the Iron Pickaxe?

The furnace is the main thing to prepare the iron pickaxe. To prepare the furnace, you will require nine stones and a few wooden blocks.

  • Mine quiet stones and then come to the crafting table.
  • The blocks add the eight stones at the periphery of the crafting blocks such that there will be an empty block remaining inside the furnace.
  • Then pick the furnace and place it in the inventory.
  • Now place the furnace just beside your crafting table.
  • Then go to the furnace and then click over it.
  • Add the stone at the upper block and then add a wooden one at the lower block such that the fire symbol comes in between both.
  • In this way, the wooden block will burn and prepare an iron ore in your furnace.
  • Remove the iron from the furnace and then go to prepare the iron pickaxe by following the same procedure.

How to Prepare a Diamond Pickaxe After Mining the Diamonds?

Using the iron pickaxe, mine the diamonds from the blocks shining blue. Collect at least three diamonds from the mine and then come to the crafting table.

  • In the crafting table, add the diamonds to the upper row.
  • Then ad the three diamonds at the upper row and then subsequently add the sticks below the middle stones.
  • The diamonds required are three, and the sticks here needed are 2.
  • So pick the diamond pickaxe and place it into the inventory.
  • Now come out of the crafting box and then use it to fight your enemies.

In this way, after a lot of hard work, we finally have the diamond pickaxe. Go to your opponents to attack them and win the battle for survival in Minecraft 2022.

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